April 23, 2024

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The Rise & Fall of a Fintech Star: Stripe’s Tech Stock Tale

The Irish brothers’ John Collison and Patrick, who co-founded the fintech darling Stripe, are looking to raise new capital at a lower value than before as the company mulls over potential IPO options. Since it is uncommon for a startup to obtain capital at a lower valuation, the move has garnered a lot of attention.

Growing at a quick rate, Stripe connects online stores like Amazon and Ford to the Visa and Mastercard payment networks and charges a transaction fee. The company’s software has proven popular with tech startups, with 60 percent of those publicly listed employees, and the company will incur tax liabilities if the stock award terms are altered to allow tech stock redemption prior to the fintech IPO. For this reason, Stripe is looking to raise around 4 billion dollars from investors like Thrive Capital to pay for everything.

E-commerce growth has slowed as in-store shopping makes a comeback, and the economic system has slowed, both of which have had an impact on the fundraising landscape. As per IPO news, the result has slowed down Stripe’s top-line growth, from over 60% in 2021 to about 27% in 2022, with 2022 gross revenue reaching 14.3 billion dollars.


Stripe has invested in new products, including software that enables e-commerce companies like Shopify to provide bank accounts to traders, as well as invoices and billing subscriptions, in an effort to address these concerns. This led to Stripe’s 80 million dollars loss in EBITDA last year.

The Collisons have been able to achieve ever-increasing values thanks to Stripe’s robust business model and widespread adoption by digital businesses. The company’s new target valuation is 50 billion dollars, slightly lower than the secondary market price of the stock.

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