April 23, 2024


Resistant AI: Fraud Detection on Google Cloud Marketplace

Resistant AI, a company that offers services to combat fraud and other financial crimes, has released its Document Forensics product on the Google Cloud Marketplace. KYC (Know your customer) documentation may be analyzed, categorized, and verified with this helpful software, including proof of address, ID cards, and bank statements. As a result, businesses will spend less time manually checking paperwork and will be better able to spot and stop repeated efforts at fraud.

“Our anomaly-based method to fraud detection has demonstrated to be more adaptive than traditional modeling techniques to identify and avoid ever-changing and growing illegal actions,” stated Martin Rehak, CEO and founder of Resistant AI. Integrating Document Forensics with the onboarding report generation workflow protects organizations and clients against financial crimes. These are stepping stones to more serious offenses like terrorist financing and money laundering.


With the help of more than 500 machine learning detectors, Resistant AI examines digital documents for irregularities. Its technology can function regardless of the linguistic context in which it is used, detect fraud immediately, render verdicts that can be explained, classify documents, perform risk analysis and verify for quality, and much more.

The year 2023 has gotten off to a rousing start for resistant AI. They just formed a partnership with an organization that fights financial crime, Client Fabric Tech. As a result of the agreement, Resistant AI is now part of the Client Fabric community, which is working to simplify due diligence management for organizations.

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