July 16, 2024

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From Wirecard to GainBitcoin: The Biggest Fintech Frauds

This year has been difficult for the fintech and cryptocurrency industries. Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried faces multiple allegations, including wire fraud, money laundering, and securities fraud. Amit Bhardwaj, the founder of GainBitcoin, and Markus Braun, the former chief of Wirecard, have been accused of fintech fraud. The college planning company Frank’s founder Charlie Javice and the creator of a fake charity token, Hanad Hassan, have both been implicated in fraudulent activities. Because of the actions of a few, the whole fintech and cryptocurrency business is now in question; hence, stricter rules, risk analysis, and accountability are required to safeguard investors and restore faith in the sector.

The cryptocurrency exchange FTX, formerly highly sought after, has just gone out of business, and this is at the heart of Bankman-case. After Bankman-Fried stole millions of dollars from several banks and financial institutions, the company declared bankruptcy. Two other ex-executives of Wirecard and Braun have been accused with him for their roles in a $3.7 billion accounting fraud scheme. It is claimed that Bhardwaj ran a Ponzi scheme in which new investors’ money was utilized to reimburse older ones.


The former chief growth and acquisition officer at Frank along with Javice defrauded JPMorgan Chase out of $175 million by creating fictitious accounts for almost four million customers. When Hanad Hassan’s fake charity token, Orfano, shut down, it took everyone’s money. GainBitcoin, Blockchain Research Limited, and Amaze Mining founder Amit Bhardwaj were charged in the Ponzi scam that utilized investor cash. These examples demonstrate the urgent need for stronger accountability in the fintech and cryptocurrency sectors to safeguard investors and restore faith in the industry.

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