March 25, 2023

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JPMorgan Sues Frank for Fraud

The FTC cautioned student assistance portal Frank about how it could unlawfully misrepresent consumers regarding student pandemic relief only one year before JP Morgan Chase bought it with $175 million. This is the 2nd time Charlie Javice and Frank have been accused of fraud in misrepresentation before JPMorgan’s takeover.In the previous month, JPMorgan alleged in […]

Flagright’s Crusade Against Financial Crimes

Flagright, located in Berlin, was founded in 2021 to protect FinTechs against financial fraud with risk-based monitoring procedures, real-time case management, screening, and user verification technologies. Flagright’s CEO, Baran Ozkan, was in charge of financial fraud prevention. Over a period of 15 months, he evaluated various transaction monitoring services and