April 20, 2024

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Uncovering the Reasons for Alibaba’s Stock Market Rally

China has arguably the most rigorous ongoing COVID-19 policies, which has produced numerous economic concerns. These COVID-related rules harmed Chinese enterprises since the lockdowns caused supply chain and production concerns. The lockdowns also have a negative impact on consumer spending and investment confidence. We examined how Apple has battled with production procedures due to industrial problems and political turmoil.

The stock price of Alibaba recently increased due to encouraging news from China. This uptick occurred after the fintech stock dropped from 49% to 25%. Due to global macroeconomic concerns, as well as China’s strict COVID-19 laws and the government’s strict regulatory demands, Chinese enterprises that trade in the United States had a difficult time in 2022. Having Jack Ma resurfacing and relinquishing leadership of the financial behemoth, Alibaba’s stock price has increased once more. Analysts are hopeful that this latest news signals that resolve difficulties between Alibaba and Beijing. After weeks of volatility and uncertainty owing to political challenges and COVID-related measures, China has finally delivered some good news.


Last Tuesday, the index of Hang Seng climbed 1.84% on its 1st trading day of 2023, the greatest rise on the 1st trading day of 2018. In addition to this news, Alibaba’s stock has increased dramatically in 2023. While Alibaba’s stock value is still down approximately 12% from a year ago, it has recently soared. Alibaba is no longer in the tense scenario that it was in this summer on the SEC’s delisting watchlist.

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