June 14, 2024

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Robinhood Revenue Falls as Fintech Stock Bubble Ends

Affirm and Robinhood, formerly heralded as game-changers in the financial technology sector, have been experiencing difficulties as of late. The end of the Fintech stock bubble slowed Robinhood’s expansion, while the proliferation of competing purchase now, pay later firms made life difficult for Affirm. Investors may wonder whether they ought to buy any of these equities after their precipitous declines if they hope for a quick recovery. During the buying frenzy in growth companies, cryptocurrencies, and Fintech stocks, Robinhood’s revenue increased, but in 2022, as those orders dried up, Robinhood’s revenue fell.

The company’s profits plummeted when its growth slowed, but they are expected to increase this year as the market recovers and Robinhood continues to slash expenses. In fiscal 2022, Affirm saw an increase in revenue and was successful in signing on new partners. However, as economic and competitive headwinds increased in fiscal 2023’s first half, Affirm saw a modest revenue increase. The company’s net deficit grew, and forecasters predict an even bigger hit in fiscal 2023.

Before buying Affirm or Robinhood as a turnaround bet, investors should weigh the risks and potential benefits. Both companies have substantial hurdles and uncertainty, but Robinhood might gain a clearer road to recovery. In spite of trading at a greater price ratio than Affirm, Robinhood may be the better investment. Although Robinhood is currently reliant on smaller, more erratic individual investors who like to trade in risky cryptocurrencies and options, the company’s development could accelerate rapidly once the bear market ends.

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