July 16, 2024

Mergers & Acquisitions

Venture Capital Firm QED Investors Acquired its stake in a FinTech startup

According to recent information, Global VC firm, QED investors acquired boutique search co. LF search. It is a startup which specializes in placing FinTech & financial services professionals.

The sources say that the terms and conditions remain unknown, but LF search has decided to align with QED’s strategy. Previously, the Venture Capital firm had a majority stake in Lingua Franca Search ( LF Search), but the ownership has increased after the acquisition.

In the press release, QED Investors managing partner Nigel Morris noted that LF Search was founded in 2017 by QED Investors to fill the gap in the fintech sectors to place credit and analytics talent. He further added that in the last five years, it has placed several executives in the C-Suit category and other important candidates at some of the world’s best financial organizations.

LF search has pushed its limits in recent times. Earlier, the company focused on analytics, credit, risk and market roles. In the past years, its services included leaders’ positions in C-suites, including CEO, CFO, CROs and many others. According to a press release, it has also placed people in mid-senior positions, the ones reporting to the C-suite category. After this acquisition with QED Investors, LF search has planned to serve companies with QED’s portfolio and those outside QEDs orbit.

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