July 16, 2024

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QuantGate & CoinAnalyst Sign LOI for Merger

QuantGate and CoinAnalyst have agreed to merge, creating a financial services industry leader in AI and ML solutions. The merger will result in a reverse takeover of CoinAnalyst by QuantGate shareholders, with QuantGate shareholders owning a majority of the remaining common shares. So, the issuer will focus on QuantGate’s AI/ML SaaS-based Fintech solutions.

The parties will negotiate in good faith to create a final agreement that details the transaction, including the basic understandings set out in the LOI and any other terms and conditions that are common for transactions of the same kind and size as the transaction.

Merged companies CoinAnalyst and QuantGate plan to offer trading firms and traders of all asset classes an attractive analytical package using QuantGate’s short-term opportunity signals. This would include monthly email newsletters and AI-based analytical tools from CoinAnalyst.

When two big data companies join forces, they will be able to offer cutting-edge solutions to the banking, financial services, insurance, and payment industries. CoinAnalyst and QuantGates have announced they will be merging, with CoinAnalyst taking a majority stake in the new company. The move will bring big data and AI-based fintech products to both the traditional financial and digital asset markets.

Certain directors, officers, and major shareholders of CoinAnalyst will enter into six-month lock-up agreements in connection with the Definitive Agreement. Transaction finders’ fees are waived and QuantGate may do a $5,000,000 private placement with the transaction. RockStock Equities Inc., a company subsidiary, plans to utilize private placement’s net proceeds for business growth, the resulting issuer’s working capital needs, and the growth of RockStock Equities Inc., a company subsidiary. The private placement’s completion is not expected to be a transaction closing condition at this time.

CoinAnalyst is a big data analytics platform that helps digital asset investors and others analyze market sentiment, fundamentals, and technical indicators. The platform analyzes real-time digital asset market data and monitors news sources, influencers, social media, and sentiment analysis and trade signals for the top 300 digital assets (more are added regularly). The software provides news, price quotes, and messaging.


A monthly fee is required to access the SaaS platform, which varies by plan. The transaction may not proceed if several things do not happen first, including a review of due diligence; negotiating and signing of the Definitive Agreement; and approvals by the board, shareholders, and CSA. It is impossible to predict whether the transaction will happen. After the transaction, QuantGate would likely replace CoinAnalyst’s board of directors and management.

QuantGate Systems Inc. (OTCQB: QGSI) has been providing SaaS solutions and seamless API integration for 10 years, developing advanced AI, ML, and big-data processing algorithms and analytics. Their subsidiary, Pilot Trading, finds investment opportunities across asset classes for their clients to help them invest better. Third parties can integrate with QuantGate and grow globally on a strong and scalable SaaS architecture thanks to turnkey solutions and efficient APIs.

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