April 20, 2024

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FinTech IPO Index Down 5.5% as 3Q Earnings Roll Out

The FinTech IPO index decreased 5.5% following third-quarter earnings reports. Despite some individual companies experiencing growth, the overall index has dropped 46.6% this year.

The earnings season is currently underway, giving us an insight into consumer spending and the demand for services such as BNPL loans and digital banking integration.


9F Group saw a significant increase in stock value, but they have 180 days to comply with Nasdaq listing rules.

The S&P SmallCap 600 added Payoneer, a provider of personal loans and business refinancing, to its index this week, causing the company’s shares to increase by 7.5%. However, KE Holdings, a player in the housing transaction market, saw a 21.4% drop due to concerns about the Chinese economy and its services.


In recent days, Nubank, a Brazilian FinTech company, saw a decrease in value by over 17%. In April 2023, the Brazilian Central Bank will implement caps on interchange fees for prepaid cards and improve settlement terms for debit and prepaid card transactions. This move is aimed at increasing efficiency in the payments ecosystem and encouraging the use of cheaper payment options for both consumers and merchants. Nubank’s revenue from interchange fees accounted for 7% of its overall income.

At a recent event, OneConnect showcased its innovative technology at the Abu Dhabi Global Market. However, the company saw a 14% loss in stock. Meanwhile, Nuvei also saw a decline of 11% after announcing a partnership with Italian iGaming company Lottomatica to improve digital payment services.

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