June 14, 2024


Paycheck Protection Program: From Good Intentions to Chaos

When the Paycheck Program went live during the pandemic closures in the spring of 2020, it quickly became a chaotic free-for-all. The programme abbreviated PPP, provided small firms with modest, potentially forgiven government loans. Despite this, billions of dollars were distributed to corporations controlled by affluent celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian and Tom Brady and enterprises that grew under COVID, such as various construction and manufacturing firms.

Officials admit the scheme was deceitful and did not remove undeserving applicants. But there’s a method to correct those early mistakes: refuse forgiveness. This could have deterred scammers and compelled successful businesses to reimburse the money. Despite this, nearly 3 years after the implementation of PPP, most payments have been erased.

According to the latest stock news, the NPR examination of data supplied by the Small Business Administration on January 8, 92% of loans issued have received full or partial forgiveness. This includes loans to enterprises with extremely wealthy owners. Samuel Kruger, the assistant finance professor at the University of Texas, stated that the PPP programme appears to have resulted in millions of dollars of bogus loans that were eventually converted into grants. He co-authored a paper guessing that $64 billion of loans issued demonstrated signs of fraud, like suspiciously high paychecks and multiple businesses mentioned at the same residential address.


The SBA rejects such findings, but according to its own inspector general, approximately 70,000 loans are likely fraudulent. An unknown number of other loans were made to enterprises that did not require PPP funds to withstand the pandemic. Although the Department Of Justice and other federal departments have up to ten years to investigate pandemic crime, the SBA’s officer has described the pursuit as a “pay-and-chase” situation unlikely to result in significant financial recovery.

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