June 14, 2024


FinTech Money Mobility Hindered by Technical Constraints & Fraudulent Costs

Money mobility concluded 2022 as a major issue for FinTechs and will require attention in 2023. As per research on the technological restrictions, including corporate limits and regulatory standards, the second-most important issue for FinTechs is its 32% citing limitations. According to the FinTech Fraud Ripple Effect, the collaboration of Ingo Money cooperation and PYMNTS, the average FinTech company in the United States loses 1.7 percent of its total income and tech stock to fraudsters each year, resulting in losses of $51 million per firm.

The more net income a FinTech earns, the more certain it is to be restricted by technical constraints. While 41% of major FinTech organizations consider this the most serious issue, only 24% of medium-sized companies and 33 percent of small firms agree. The expense of innovation could also impede development, although these top 3 money mobility hurdles are minimally prevalent. FinTechs with stricter fraud management are less inclined to disclose fraud losses or other concerns. Among FinTechs that face fraud, 19% identify their incapability to guarantee deposits as the most significant factor restricting their money-in movement, while 18% cite a general lack of ease.


It’s worth noting that these Fintech companies were more inclined to perceive security constraints like security aspects and authorization as a barrier. This could indicate that these FinTech firms are consciously employing tougher security measures to combat fraud, which may render it more challenging for customers to deposit. Fraud-fighting capabilities are essential to safeguarding FinTech money mobility, and organizations must make investment decisions to improve fraud loss figures. The larger the organization, the greater the losses, as we discovered that the average major corporation loses 1.4 percent of its revenue, or at least $159 million, to fraudulent activities.

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