May 29, 2024

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Gemini and Betterment Partnership–Offering Investors a Diversified Crypto Portfolio

Gemini announced partnering with the most extensive digital advisor in investment in the U.S., Betterment. Gemini wanted to start by providing crypto portfolios of investment to users for Betterment offerings and retail. Betterment has greater than 7,30,000 users across its offerings and business. The upcoming crypto offering helps users to invest in a well-curated crypto portfolio. This was listed with Gemini as the crypto custodian for Betterment. By collaborating with Betterment and Gemini, customers will get better exposure to crypto assets to diversify their investment plans on a trusted platform.

Jesse Proudman, VP of crypto investing in Betterment, was the former CEO of Makara, another crypto investing organization acquired by Betterment in March. Jesse stated that next month, users of Betterment would be free to access professionally built portfolios of crypto from their own accounts. Betterment was created, keeping factors like diversification, and trust in mind. Jesse also said that they wanted to partner with firms that understood their needs and had the potential to power crypto solutions with values simultaneously.


The Betterment Gemini partnership is on several recent press reports. Gemini announced in July that users in the U.K. will be able to access Plaid to connect their accounts and that it serves as custodians for crypto funds. Marshal Beard, Chief Strategy Officer of Gemini, stated that they are excited to expand the institutional partnerships by integrating with Betterment to provide crypto access. He also said that with their suite of offerings, they would offer crypto solutions to numerous leading financial institutions and asset managers globally.

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