May 29, 2024

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Abu Dhabi’s ADQ to Invest $200 Million in Tech Startups

Further Ventures, anchored by Abu Dhabi’s ADQ, is planning to financially support tech startups like fintech, supply chain, and digital assets.

A statement issued by ADQ said that Further Ventures would collaborate with its founders to provide capital from preseed to growth design, engineering, design, market access, and regulatory support to teams who want to create sustainable tech companies.

Founded in 2018, ADQ boasts a portfolio of some of Abu Dhabi’s most enviable assets across sectors like food, energy, and transport.

Last year, Abu Dhabi Growth Fund was founded to invest in hedge funds, venture capital, private equity, and public equity. It is one of ADQ’s investment ventures.

In August 2022, ADQ also teamed up with G42, an Artificial Intelligence firm, to set up a $10 billion markets fund.

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