July 12, 2024

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Exits.me Raises $1 Million in Pre-seed Round

The Egypt-based investment banking venture Exits.me raised $1 million in the pre-seed round, which was funded by the Exits.me in the UK.

Exits.me is an online platform and financial advisory service started in 2022 by Ahella Al-Saban, Mohamed Aboul-Naga, and Ayman Al-Tanbouly that facilitates M&As and other similar investments.

Mohamed Aboul-Naga’s M&A consultancy firm PIE had acquired Exits.me earlier this year. The Exits.me team is currently in the process of transforming the platform so that it can provide funding and M&A support to SMEs and startups in the Middle East and North Africa.

Omar Wagdy, an investor, says that Exits.me’s objective is to make it easier for start-ups and SMEs to enter the investment and M&A markets. Also, the founders feel that the pre-seed round will provide an opportunity for SMEs held back by traditional banking challenges like high fees, banking conditions, and retainer expenses.

Global reports indicate that exits in the Middle East have increased by three times since 2012, and the trend continues. According to E&Y, MENA completed 359 M&A deals valued at $42.6 billion in 1H 2022 in spite of volatile global markets. Regarding deal count, M&A activity increased by 12% year-over-year, with deals from Oman, Morocco, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

Exits.me now has more than twenty-five active selling and buying side advisory mandates signed, with 30 additional mandates valued at $150-200m under consideration. Additionally,Exits.me is acquiring its license for crowdfunding from the FRA (Financial Regulatory Authority) to arrange crowdfunding to enable market.

It is the founders’ hope that better awareness of investment will increase and the region will be educated on the benefits of early investing in all fields.

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