July 16, 2024

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Adyen Launches Embedded Financial Tools to Portals and Companies in US and Europe

Adyen has introduced two brand-new embedded financing products for portal and marketplace companies in the US and Europe. The two products are Credits, which enable users to manage their accounts wherever they conduct business, and Capital, which enables platforms to offer funding to enterprises based on their previous payments.

Adyen is well-positioned to drive the financial industry’s transformation, as platforms are increasingly at the heart of this sector. Through a single integration, the company provides a broad range of integrated financial solutions thanks to its wide range of financial and cutting-edge technology. This makes it easier for businesses to access the financial services they need to grow.

Small firms in a challenging market require fresh approaches to raise capital and keep clients. They may achieve that with the use of the integrated finance product suite from Adyen.

There is growing concern among businesses that the current economic climate may lead to a recession. Because of this, many companies are rethinking how they invest, and some smaller businesses may have to make hard decisions about whether or not to keep going.

High inflation rates can make it difficult for small businesses and platform providers to get paid quickly and use the money wisely. This is particularly challenging for small businesses, which are often looking for ways to save money on their payments. In regulated financial services, compliance costs can be high, making it a challenge for platforms to find affordable services.

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