April 19, 2024



The drop/beat-up (also known as a climax, depending on the music genre) is the point in a music track where a switch of rhythm or bass line occurs and usually follows a recognizable build section and break. A drop (in electronic music) is characterized predominantly by a sudden build of textures as opposed to a slow build of them, and usually links a building section with the climax and following main theme and rhythm of a track. In trance, eurodance, hardstyle, hardcore and dance genres of the more melodic style, it is known as a climax. This is where the melody and accompanying melodies come in with the drums and usually a syncopated bassline. In dubstep, the drop involves a heavy full bass line and commonly a “wobble” or “vowel” bass accompanied by a strong shuffling beat. In hip-hop and other forms of electronic music, the reintroduction of the full bass line and drums is known as the drop. In metalcore subgenres, bass drops are often utilized under the first chord of a breakdown, to emphasize the breakdown and give it a pronounced presence. A bass drop in this genre using a sample pad triggered by the drummer or a backing track going to a venue’s PA. Electronic music DJs sometimes perform what is called a “double drop”: beatmatching two tracks in such a way that the drop, and hence the respective climaxes of both tracks, occur at the same time.

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