July 12, 2024

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Scratch Sweeps the $35 million Series C Round

Scratch Financial, a California-based fintech company focused on healthcare and medicine, has secured $35 million in its Series C fundraising round.

While Norwest Venture Partners initiated the round, it saw active participation from other investors, including Alumni Ventures, Struck Capital, Companion Fund, TTV Capital and SWS Venture Capital.

In order to assist pet patients and owners in Canada and the US in covering the expense of medical treatment, Scratch, a startup established in 2016, offers a “care now, pay later” payment strategy.

The firm claims that it’s on target to process close to $1 billion in client payments at the end of the year, with around 10,000 medical and veterinary care practices already embracing Scratch’s payment and financing services.

The additional investment will be utilized to develop new services and quicken the advancement of technologies intended to link patients and healthcare providers for a seamless patient experience.


Financial inclusivity is the ultimate priority for their firm, noted Scratch CEO John Keatley. Scratch would like to connect more and more individuals with transparent, accessible and tailored financing choices so that they can avail the care and treatment they deserve for themselves and for their dear ones, he further added.

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