July 16, 2024

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Fintech Firms Show Resilience with Job Openings Amid Layoffs

Amidst all the Fintech layoff news, knowing about several Fintech hiring is encouraging. Kikoff, Addepar, Nium, Human Interest, Emburse, and Collective are among the Fintech companies with open job vacancies. Kikoff is a consumer Fintech firm focused on helping people build their credit and is hiring for ten roles, including senior product manager, associate product manager, senior product designers, engineers, and a growth marketing manager.

Addepar, which makes software to track investment performance, is actively hiring with around 50 open positions across the U.S., U.K., and India, and many of these positions offer the option for remote work. Nium, a B2B payments company that raised $200 million at a unicorn valuation in 2021, has over a dozen open roles. Human Interest, a 401(k) provider, has 23 open positions, including engineering, product, and revenue roles. Emburse, a spend optimization company that appointed new CXO Johann Wrede, is hiring for sales, engineering, and customer service positions. Finally, Collective, an all-in-one back-office finance platform for the self-employed, which has raised over $28 million in funding, is hiring for five positions in engineering, marketing, and member services (tax, accounting).

The rise of B2B-focused companies raises hope that not all Fintech firms are struggling, as B2C BNPL (buy now, pay later) companies seem to be. More companies are expected to be looking for employees, as several more companies have contacted The Interchange with news of their available positions. In other IPO news, Apple is moving forward with its plans to offer its BNPL service, and an Amsterdam-based Fintech consultant explores the Fintech news and trending ideas that failed to live up to their promise. Lightspeed Venture Partners’ Ansaf Kareem offers insight into Fintech sectors, the key metrics to watch, and where the multiples are today.

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