May 29, 2024

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Fimple Eyes Global Headlines!

The financial technology industry’s portion of the global investment environment has lately been on the rise. A perfect example to this is–Fimple, a Fintech startup based in Istanbul, launched its operations in London, the UK, in the first half of this year. This fintech startup has so far received 2 million USD in funding and has come up with suitable strategies for continued global growth, and company executives officially confirmed the news this week.

Fimple offers innate cloud-based technological solutions specifically tailored for financial institutions, particularly digital banks, to realise BaaS and platform operating models as well as their core systems. The startup has so far made a name for itself in the fintech industry by raising significant funds to cater to its plans of expanding on the global landscape.

Optimum funding coupled with a strategic location in London should allow Fimple to continue their expansion plans without major glitches.


Representatives from Fimple have stated their desire to double their workforce before the end of 2022. Gundebahar, one of the co-founders of Fimple, went on to say that the Fintech industry is still in a nascent stage and is witnessing rapid evolution. So, Fimple will need to keep adapting in order to survive and thrive in such an industry.

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