April 23, 2024

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ECI-ES Tech Group Acquisition Story

On October 7th, Friday, ECI Software Solutions, the cloud business tech company, announced it was taking over the ES Tech Group. The ES Tech Group is U.K.-based and known for its B2B eCommerce services and software. The company performs with SMEs and provides cloud-based management solutions in the business. By expanding ECI’s current eCommerce solutions through this acquisition, ECI stated that they are looking forward to increasing their digital economy investments.

ES Tech Group has a well-established eCommerce platform in electrical, industrial, plumbing, medical and business supplies, welding, and more. The firm aids in catalog development and marketing to maximize business sales in traditional and digital channels. ECI’s acquisition builds and strengthens previous partnerships and collaborations, helping it offer a wide range of business services. A few include the Paymerang partnership providing payment automation and cloud-based invoice integration with MyProduction Group to offer cloud solutions for logistics firms and manufacturing sectors in the Nordic region.

The CEO of ECI, Trevor Gruenewald, stated that every sector they serve requires eCommerce strategies to meet customer expectations and assist their growth. He also said that they allow users to operate effectively online. The information-driven decisions from the back-end ERP solutions strengthen the ECI’s position in every business management need. The CEO of ES Tech Group, Paddy Donnelly, told the press that their company’s mission is to offer SME businesses top services and technology to compete and win with their competitors. He also stated that ES Tech Group already has the potential and team to win and now the power of ECI to reach great heights and provide limitless opportunities to customers.

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