April 19, 2024

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Good Days Ahead for LiquiLoans with CRED’s Backing!

In a recent development, CRED – a popular Indian Fintech company, has decided to invest 10 million USD in LiquiLoans. These two firms have been business partners for a while, with LiquiLoans acting as a lending partner for CRED.

The business journey of CRED and LiquiLoans started in 2021 when they came up with CRED Mint- the popular money-lending platform. The users of CRED have the option of lending/ borrowing money to one another using CRED Mint. The maximum interest chargeable on this platform stands at 9 percent. The availability of credit with such ease has obviously led to the enhanced popularity of this platform.

The money invested will facilitate the development of LiquiLoans, which already operates a viable enterprise. The fresh investment will enable the lender to create stability and strength in technical competence. The environment of confidence created by CRED will further streamline the journey of LiquiLoans to greater market penetration.

Achal Mittal, one of the co-founders at LiquiLoans, has stated that their organization is focused on creating a trustworthy lending platform. So, collaborating with other companies with similar ideologies and goals will lead to their symbiotic growth in the mid to long term.


One of the spokespersons for LiquiLoans stated that the long-term partnership of LiquiLoans with CRED would help them achieve their plans of coming up with a superlative peer-to-peer lending platform.

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