May 29, 2024

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Bank of America to Deposit Another 100 Million to MDIs

Representatives from the Bank of America have issued a statement about their scheme to transfer an increased 100 million USD into minority-focused banks.

The initiative will double Bank of America’s previous commitment to deposit 100 million USD in MDIs. Minority Depository Institutions are banks or financial institutions primarily under the ownership of minority people. In recent years, the second-largest lender in the United States has increased its initiatives for racial equality, investing $42.5 million in 22 Minority Depository Institutions and CDFIs, with equity ownership of lower than 5% in each.

D. Steve Boland, the CEO of Bank of America, stated that they are hopeful of other major financial institutions replicating or following this move from BoA. City First bank and Southern Bancorp have been chosen as the first ones to receive the deposits. Such deposits in MDIs and CDFIs will provide stability to these institutions with a lower capital base.

The most prominent impact will be on the ability of these MDIs to provide loans. Additional cash reserves will enable them to not only increase the number of loans sanctioned annually but also enhance the quantum of these loans.

The development and growth of minority communities can be optimized to a great extent by powerful and robust MDIs across the country. Banking giants across the US have increased pledges to racial equality since 2020 following the death of George Floyd that sparked protests on a global scale.

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