July 16, 2024

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2 of the Best Growth Stocks to Buy Right Now

Top Growth Stocks to Consider for All Investors

Shareholders can be worn down by a dropping market along with a constant flow of negative news. It’s difficult to be optimistic. But now is the time to consider that each and every bear economy in the US is succeeded by a bull market. Purchasing high-quality companies at today’s reduced prices can result in life-changing yields in the long run.

MercadoLibre and Airbnb are among such companies that might potentially contribute to outstanding long-term returns. Let’s see why.

  1. MercadoLibre has achieved amazing performances despite difficult macroeconomic conditions. In the 3rd quarter of 2022, this e-commerce company witnessed an increase of 10 % pertaining to the number of distinct buyers. GMV of its platform increased by 32% in terms of constant currency and 18% in terms of USD. So, it ended up outpacing the previous quarter’s 26% increase. The business ensured its dynamism in the three major markers i.e. Mexico, Argentina and Brazil where Gross Merchandise Volume increased by 23%, 87%, and 20%, respectively.
  2. Despite solid results, Airbnb’s stocks are available at near a decade long bottom on various performance measures. The present price-to-sales ratio stands at a merely 9.1. Similarly, the price-to-earnings ratio is at 56. Shares of Airbnb may appear to be slightly overpriced; Airbnb’s brand image, customizable business model, distribution channels, and prospective opportunity rationalize its pricing. Investing in Airbnb now will most likely pay off handsomely in the medium to long term.

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